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DPA Lactalis

Marcelo Polegato

Manager of Distribution Development

“Datlo's tool is fantastic! Highly efficient with excellent performance, the graphical interface is innovative, and Datlo’s team top-notch. ”

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Cargill expanded their Nutron franchise using Datlo's data, reaching 67 new partners and a total of 370 clients across various brazilian states.

ZF Group


ZF Group, a leader in automotive industry, uses our platform to prospect clients and analyze the surroundings of their workshops, strengthening their global strategy with precision and innovation.



Datlo originated alongside Sicoob Metropolitano, the largest Sicoob in Brazil, currently with over 90 branches across 59 cities in the states of Paraná and São Paulo.



iFood is one of the standout companies in innovation alongside startups. In Brazil, the company is recognized for driving the development of new solutions and expanding their network and projects.



Koerich is a Santa Catarina-based company that recently joined the group of billion-dollar companies in the state, currently operating in 127 stores across 65 cities in the state.


Electric Mobility

Raízen achieved maximization of productivity and efficiency, expanding into new areas in the medium term, with over 340 new stations opened in recent years.

Way Internet


Voted the best broadband in Marília, Way colaborates with Datlo to condunct analyses linked to the expansion strategy of their network, aiming to better understand and serve local consumers and businesses.



In partnership with Datlo, Unimed maps healthcare professionals, achieving success in 77% of cases, surpassing bases of Fesp, other Unimed branches, and Google.



Sicredi collaborates with Datlo to develop successful cases like "Meu Vizinho, Meu Cooperado," analyzing areas and strategically identifying new cooperative members.



Yduqs experienced significant growth, with over 160,000 new students, 26% in digital mode and 32% in person, along with the opening of approximately 190 new centers within a year, using insights from Datlo.

GT Foods


GT Foods has become one of the largest meat exporters in Brazil and holds the fourth position in market share in the country's chicken market.



Sunne adopts an innovative approach and is committed to sustainability. With Datlo's support, the company finds more qualified leads and conducts geographical analyses effectively.

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Our company values above all innovation, honesty, discipline, and simplicity.


Datlo is passionate about innovation. Since our foundation, we have been seeking pioneering solutions in geomarketing. Creativity is our strength, challenging the conventional to deliver the best to our clients. At Datlo, innovation is our essence.


Honesty is the foundation of Datlo. We prioritize transparency in every interaction, wether with our team, partners or clients. Our ethical principles remain steadfast, and every decision is guided by integrity. To us, it is a commitment that upholds our reputation and fortifies the bonds of trust with those who choose to rely on us.


For our team, simplicity is the key to effectiveness. We understand the complexity of challenges in the world of geomarketing, but we aim to simplify to provide accessible and understandable solutions, prioritizing clarity and efficiency at every step. Making the customer's journey with us as simple as it is effective is our goal.


Discipline is the motivating force propelling Datlo in the pursuit of excellence. We uphold unwavering discipline in every aspect of our work, from platform development to customer service. Our commitment to consistency and continual improvement empowers us to surmount challenges and attain new milestones. At Datlo, discipline is not merely a practice; it is the pathway to sustainable success.

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