Who are we?

Datlo is a Location Intelligence platform, our mission is to shorten distance between companies and costumers

We’re immersed in technology and passionate about innovation, we serve major players, assisting them in territory management, expanding new units, market analysis, finding new sites for expansion and other solutions, all through geolocated data.

Mateus Felini

"Regardless of the industry your company operates in, we provide a tool to boost your commercial intelligence sector. All within an intuitive interface, ensuring convenience and customization in accessing geolocation for spatial data analysis."

Mateus Felini CEO
Raisa Spagnol

"We’ve created a geomarketing and bussines intelligence solution that empowers hundreds of companies throughout Brazil, providing a comprehensive view and more assertive decision-making. Our platform democratizes the use of geolocation, simplifying the analysis and strategic utilization of spatial data."

Raisa Spagnol CTO


Our company values above all innovation, honesty, discipline, and simplicity.


Datlo is passionate about innovation. Since our foundation, we have been seeking pioneering solutions in geomarketing. Creativity is our strength, challenging the conventional to deliver the best to our clients. At Datlo, innovation is our essence.


Honesty is the foundation of Datlo. We prioritize transparency in every interaction, wether with our team, partners or clients. Our ethical principles remain steadfast, and every decision is guided by integrity. To us, it is a commitment that upholds our reputation and fortifies the bonds of trust with those who choose to rely on us.


For our team, simplicity is the key to effectiveness. We understand the complexity of challenges in the world of geomarketing, but we aim to simplify to provide accessible and understandable solutions, prioritizing clarity and efficiency at every step. Making the customer's journey with us as simple as it is effective is our goal.


Discipline is the motivating force propelling Datlo in the pursuit of excellence. We uphold unwavering discipline in every aspect of our work, from platform development to customer service. Our commitment to consistency and continual improvement empowers us to surmount challenges and attain new milestones. At Datlo, discipline is not merely a practice; it is the pathway to sustainable success.

Team Datlo
Our History

Data and Geointelligence with no Restriction

Founded in 2019 by Mateus Felini, Datlo revolutionizes geomarketing with innovation and quality. Since our inception as a startup, the company has expanded nationally and internationally, emerging as a leader in Business Intelligence and Geomarketing. Our journey includes strategic partnerships, international investments, and a commitment to innovation, reaffirming our dedication to excellence.

  • • Distinguished clients including Sicoob, Cargill, iFood, Michelin, among others.
  • • Development of customized software for various sectors.
  • • New product version launched in 2023.
Our Mission

We have the mission to shorten the distance between companies and consumers.

Our relentless pursuit is to narrow the gap between companies and consumers. As craftsmen of innovation, we shape solutions that transcend barriers, connecting minds. Every line of code, every geographic insight, is a step toward a closer and more comprehensible business fabric. At Datlo, we transform distance into closeness, making bonds stronger and experiences more meaningful.

Meet the amazing team behind Datlo

Mateus Feilini

Mateus Felini


Mateus Feilini

Raisa Spagnol


Mateus Feilini

Elder Rotta

Head de Growth

Mateus Feilini

Luiz Carlos

Head of Client Success

Mateus Feilini

Maysa Castro

Head of Administration

Mateus Feilini

Gabriel Stábile

Head of Sales

Mateus Feilini

Ana Rocha

Head of Inside Sales

Mateus Feilini

Vinícius Félix

Head of data

Desenvolvedor Datlo
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What our clients say about us

For us, partnership and integrity are the essence of who we are. Our clients highlight this mutual trust, sharing incredible experiences. Discover why our partnerships are more than business – they are solid bonds based on trust and tangible results.

DPA Lactalis

Marcelo Polegato

Manager of Distribution Development

Datlo tool’s fantastic! Highly efficient with excellent performance, the graphical interface is innovative, and Datlo’s team top-notch.

DPA Lactalis

Flávio Tadeu Ataídes

Manager of Business Inteligence and BI

A strong and innovative company from Brazil in the geomarketing and analytics segment.

DPA Lactalis

Ivisen Lourenço

Head of Innovation and Investments

Datlo team’s great partners on this journey! They demonstrate a lot of technical competence and excellence in relationships.

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